What is grid-connected inverter and its advantages

We know that the Growatt Inverter can convert DC to AC, and the grid-connected inverter also has this function. A special point is that after the grid-connected inverter converts DC to AC, the frequency and phase of its current can be synchronized with the mains, so that its output AC can return to the mains. Therefore, grid-connected inverters are often used in solar photovoltaic power generation systems. The above is a brief introduction to grid-connected inverter. Next, let’s take a look at the advantages of grid-connected inverter.

  1. Higher power generation efficiency and high output power quality

The grid-connected Growatt Inverter has high power generation efficiency and can maximize the role of solar cells, which not only saves the cost of power generation, but also realizes the spontaneous self-use of electric energy and improves the efficiency of power generation. In addition, the grid-connected inverter has a small impact on the voltage of the grid and has a high stability. It can not only meet the needs of the grid, but also provide more stable and safe electric energy for the grid, and can meet the high standards and high requirements of users for the power generation system.

  1. Wide application range

In the current market, grid-connected inverters can not only provide household Growatt Inverter, but also provide corresponding services for many industrial and commercial power stations and ground power stations. They can meet the various and different levels of power generation and consumption needs of different users, and have a wider range of applications. It can not only meet the needs of small power generation, but also be applied to large power generation systems. This is also one of the important reasons why this inverter has been selected by more and more users in the market.

  1. High security, more reliable

The grid-connected inverter has a reasonable circuit structure, which can ensure the safety of the circuit. In addition, the grid-connected inverter also has a variety of protective functions, such as overheat protection, short circuit protection, DC arcing protection, reverse current protection, etc., which can protect the power grid system from damage. In addition, in the case of power grid system failure, it can timely and flexibly adjust the power grid system, with better safety performance, and is more reliable. Especially for some relatively old circuit systems, it can play a very good protection role to ensure the normal operation and operation of the circuit system.

In general, the grid-connected inverter can not only convert DC power into AC power supply network for use, but also keep the frequency and phase of the output electric energy consistent with the mains power and return to the mains power. Moreover, grid-connected inverter also has many advantages such as high power generation efficiency, high output power quality, wide application range, and higher safety and reliability, which is the guarantee of the safety and stability of the power generation system. The above is the introduction about what is grid-connected inverter and its advantages. I hope it can help you

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