Stronger input and load ability

DC/AC ratio up to 1.2

Support 2 times peak power

Output power factor up to 1.0

Higher system efficiency

Self-consumption power only 9W

The max. efficiency up to 95901

Supports multiple parallel operation modes

Up to 6 units in parallel for capacity extension

Parallel operation to form the split phase system or three phase system

Support three phase unbalanced power for the output

Multi-customized modes can be applied to a variety of application scenarios.

SOL mode to improve the backup power

UTI mode in case of insufficient sunlight

SBU mode to decrease the electricity bill

Multiple input power sources available

Support multiple power sources, such as PV, battery, diesel generator and utility

Compatible with Lithium,Lead-acid and GEL batteries

Intelligent management operating system

Support WiFi and GPRS communication for remote monitoring

PVkeeper platform for local commissioning

Timing charging and output control

Equalization charging to extend lead-acid battery lifespan

Diverse protection function

BLVD function to extend the emergency loads backup time

Manual maintenance bypass supportive

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