How to purchase PV inverter correctly? Keep these purchasing principles in mind

As a new type of energy, solar energy has attracted many enterprises with its advantages. The use of Taineng can not only meet the concept of environmental protection, but also help enterprises find better energy. Many enterprises are also trying to realize the transformation from solar energy to electric energy. In the process of this test, professional equipment is needed, and photovoltaic inverter is one of them. Because this product is highly professional and plays a great role, when purchasing photovoltaic inverter products, we need to understand several purchasing principles to ensure that everyone can purchase photovoltaic inverter correctly.

  1. Understand the types of PV inverter

If you want to purchase PV inverter products, you must first know about this product, know its classification, and know your own use needs, then you can know which PV inverter to buy. There are three main categories of PV inverters on the market: single-phase inverter, three-phase inverter and polyphase inverter. The sales prices of these three types of PV inverters vary greatly from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. Users need to choose according to their own needs.

  1. Select the right PV inverter brand

When purchasing PV inverters, many users also need to know the well-known brands in the market and compare the information of these brands. This is also a good way to buy high-quality PV inverter products. Now many manufacturers are selling PV inverters, and the sales price range of these products is also relatively large. Growatt is a high-quality photovoltaic inverter brand. Its products are sold to more than 100 countries in the world and have received good evaluation. The manufacturer has a research and development team of more than 600 people, which can provide consumers with more professional photovoltaic inverter products.

  1. Select according to the purchase budget

When purchasing PV inverter products, users also need to consider their own procurement budget and make a procurement plan based on the actual budget, which is a procurement principle that cannot be ignored. Due to the different strength of each manufacturer, the cost of purchasing PV inverters is also quite different, which requires that the procurement personnel can find PV inverters with higher cost performance and have a careful comparison and selection process.

The above points are about the principle of purchasing PV inverters. To buy high-quality PV inverters, you must first understand the market of the products, and also need to develop strict purchasing standards. After careful comparison, find a more worthy brand of PV inverters, and make a good purchasing plan according to your own needs. Only by purchasing high-quality photovoltaic inverters can we better put into production and achieve the goal of converting solar energy into electricity.

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