Growatt Solar Inverter Review in 2022

GROWATT has solar inverter, Electric Inverter chargers, and PV management systems in its portfolio.

It is the growing leader in smart energy solutions in the world.

Some of its facts, awards, and recognition

  • Growatt has founded in 2011 in Shenzhen in China. It has subsidiaries in Australia, Hongkong, and Germany.
  • It has 23 offices worldwide.
  • Manufacturing Plant in Huizhou (China), producing 3 million inverters and 6,00,000 battery modules annually.
  • All Quality Matters award in the commercial and industrial inverter (Max series and residential storage battery) by TUV Rheinland in 2019.
  • GROWATT is one of the world’s top 10 inverter brands in 2017 (HIS Markit).
  • No.1 in residential inverter supplier in 2021 by HIS Markit. Also, top 5 commercial inverter suppliers.
  • According to Wood Mackenzie Growatt is the second largest supplier in the world in 2019.
Solar PV configuration with a solar inverter.

The capacity of Growatt solar inverter

Growatt solar inverter comes with a wide range of capacities.

  • Residential Inverters: 750 W to 15kW
  • Commercial roof-top inverters: 15 kW to 40 kW
  • Large commercial and utility inverters: 30 kW to 253 kW
  • Residential storage inverters: 1-10 kW
  • Off-grid storage inverters
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International certifications

Growatt has all the requisite international certification that makes it suitable for solar PV applications. Because:

  • Its inverters are certified for providing stable DC voltage and stable AC voltage of constant frequency.
  • Growatt inverters perform consistently under extreme weather conditions.
  • Its inverters comply with the safety requirements when connected with solar PV modules
  • Their IEC 62116 certification makes them provide effective islanding protection when connected with PV modules.

Efficiency of Growatt Solar Inverter

GROWATT inverters are very efficient.

The TLX (most popular in India) series has a maximum efficiency of 98.4%.

Warranty of Growatt Inverters

The Growatt inverter comes with 5 years warranty.

If there is any defect in the product within 5 years period.

The company will replace it for free.

This standard warranty can be extended to 10 years (optional feature).

In case of a warranty claim, call the service center.

A qualified engineer will guide you to fix the fault or confirm the fault.

If that is not fixed then you need to replace the system.

You need the following documents ready while filing for a warranty claim:

  • Purchase receipt
  • Photo of sticker having model number and the serial number.
  • Photo of fault on the screen showing on the inverter

Remember, if the system exceeds the warranty, then you need to purchase the system out of your pocket.

Also, this does not include transportation charges, visit charges, and repair charges.

Remarkable Features

Growatt inverters are simple, easy to use, and embedded with some of the best features.

1. Interactive display

Growatt display is very user-friendly and interactive.

It’s OLED + LED display has many features.

That make the working of the complete solar power system easy to understand. The display can show:

  • Different power modes such as solar, battery, or grid
  • Voltage outrange indicator
  • AC voltage indicator
  • Battery charging indicator and many more.

In addition, you can access the data remotely through Wi-fi or by using its app.

2. Wide operating temperature range

It has a wide operating temperature range of -25ᵒC to 60ᵒC.

Which makes it possible to work efficiently even in extreme temperature conditions.

3. Anti-islanding protection in Growatt Inverter

It is an important feature that is built into the inverters.

This sophisticated feature helps the inverter to detect the grid failure in a fraction of seconds.

And then switches off the inverter instantly.

Assuming, there is grid failure in a region.

And the lineman is checking by climbing on the pole.

Suppose a solar power system is running and powering a home during the grid failure.

The current from the system can go there and he gets the shock of his life.

Also, this forced current can damage the transformer and other grid equipment.

3. DC reverse polarity protection

It has an in-built circuit that protects the device and other electronic circuits from damage when the power supply polarity is reversed.

4. AC/DC surge protection

The in-built surge protector suppresses any spike in the voltage. Hence protects the device from damage.

5. Short circuit protection

Short-circuiting causes the current to magnify. This high-magnitude current can damage the electrical components.

But its in-built feature detects the current surge and immediately trips the circuit.

Hence protecting the components from damage.

6. Natural convection cooling

When any device runs, it generates heat.

This heat raises the air temperature within the heat sink.

This heated air is less dense than the surrounding air.

Hence rises up in the atmosphere.

It is replaced by cool air.

This mechanism creates a natural flow of heat.

It is called convection cooling of the inverter.

7. Noise emission

Growatt inverters work almost silently. Their noise emission level is <= 35 dB (A). This level is just like whispering in a quiet room.

8. Maintains power quality

Growatt inverters make conversion effectively by minimizing the distortion in the power output. Their Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) is less than 3%.

9. Other remarkable features

  • Low night-time power consumption
  • DC/AC ratio up to 1.4: It means a 6000 Watts inverter can handle 1.4 x 6000 = 8400 Watts from solar panels.
  • Relative Humidity: 0-100%
  • Dust proof and waterproof (IP65 protection)

Popular Growatt Inverter series in India

Although Growatt offers a wide range of inverters.

But its two series MIC 750-3300TL-X and TLX 2500 to 6000 series in popular in India.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, some features are unique in each series.

FeaturesMIC 750-3300TL-XTLX 2500 to 6000
MPP tracker12
Max. efficiency97.6%98.4%
Night-time power consumption< 0.5 W< 1 Watt
Few differences in features

Best solar panels for Growatt Inverter

The goal is to make the complete solar power system effective.

This is achieved when we pair the right solar panels with Growatt inverters.

Although, Growatt inverters are compatible with most of the solar panels on the market.

Yet, we should look for the best ones.

Conventional solar panels suffer more shading loss and power loss with temperature rise.

This can be minimized by fitting DC optimizers at the back of each solar panel.

It increases the cost and everyone is not interested in this.

Another great option is to go for Mono-PERC (half-cut solar cell) technology solar panels.

This technology offers the following benefits:

  • Shading loss minimized
  • Fewer cracks
  • Improves the structural strength of the solar cell

Hence boosts the power of the solar panel.

Connecting this technology solar panels with Growatt inverter makes the whole system very effective.

And you get smooth power for years.

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Price of Growatt Inverter

Growatt offers competitive pricing for its solar inverters.

Here is the list of some of its popular series in the Indian market:

  • Growatt 5880 w 4200 VA (single-phase on-grid): Rs. 40,152/-
  • Growatt 4200 w 3000 VA (single-phase on-grid): Rs. 23,059/-
  • Growatt 7000 w 5000 VA (single-phase on-grid): Rs. 40,460/-
  • Growatt 7500 w 5500 VA (3-phase solar inverter): Rs. 65,818/-

Safety instructions, precautions, and warnings

The user should know the preliminary instructions, safety instructions, and the warnings shown.

However, it is always advised to contact a qualified engineer in case of an error in the device.

  1. Install the inverter at a suitable location that is open, dry, well ventilated, dust-free, and out of the reach of children.
  2. Neither put things nor cover your solar inverter.
  3. Do not place your solar inverter under direct sunlight. It can increase the internal temperature of the device. Thus, affecting its normal working.
  4. Keep its ambient temperature below 40ᵒ C for its optimum working.
  5. Do not install your inverter with other wires, antennas, or dish antennas. It can affect its output power.
  6. For vertical mounting make sure that the connecting wires are in a downward direction.
  7. For wall mounting, make sure the installation is away from water and electrical pipeline. As it can be hazardous.
  8. TLX series has a transformerless inverter. It means it has no galvanic separation.

In galvanic separation, the energy flows through electromagnetic fields rather than through electrical wires.

Therefore, do not ground the PV modules connected to the inverter.

Rather ground the mounting frames of the solar panels. In case, you ground the PV modules connected to the inverter, an error message will be displayed “PV ISO LOW”.

Common error messages

Let us understand some common errors and their troubleshooting shown by Growatt inverters.

a) Error 201: Very high leakage current

  • Restart the inverter to troubleshoot this error.

b) Error 202: Power from the solar panels exceeds the inverter limit.

  • Disconnect the inverter and check the power output from solar panels.

c) Error 203: Insulation problem

  • Check solar panels and inverter are grounded properly.
  • DC breaker is wet

d) Error 302: No AC connection

  • Check AC wiring.
  • Check AC breaker.

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