FAQ of PV Growatt Inverter and PV installation

  1. Question: Excuse me, how long does it take to pull out the DC plug when the photovoltaic module fails, and when the AC switch is disconnected

Answer: It is recommended to wait for 5-15 minutes.

  1. Question: Is there a little difference between PV inverter data and power supply bureau data?

Answer: There is sampling error in the display data of the PV inverter, and there is cable loss when the PV inverter outputs to the electricity meter, so the data of the PV inverter and the data of the power supply bureau are different.

  1. Question: The current of 25 kW photovoltaic inverter is about 37 amperes. How to calculate it? Why not 50 amps?

Answer: The calculation method of current is 25000/(3 * 220) ≈ 37A.

  1. Question: How to deal with the bidirectional energy storage inverter if the system is relatively large?

Answer: If the single load is large, it cannot exceed 4.6KW at present. If the single load does not exceed 4.6KW and the total load exceeds 4.6KW, multiple ES bidirectional energy storage series can be selected, and the battery end can be shared.

  1. Question: Does the component frame have to be grounded? Can we just connect the bracket?

Answer: Only the support is connected and there is no reliable grounding. The grounding resistance should be less than 4 Ω.

  1. Question: How can GW30K-DT output 480V be connected to the power grid? Which devices need to be added?

Answer: Generally used in the project of boosting and grid connection, the output end will be equipped with a transformer.

  1. Question: Can PV panels installed on different sides be connected to the MPPT of the PV inverter? What is the impact?

Answer: It has a great impact. If the current is in a string, it will be limited by a lower current. If it is in a different string but in the same MPPT, the voltage will be limited by a lower voltage. Either will directly affect power generation.

  1. Question: How should the installed capacity of 100KW be assembled when making AC distribution cabinet?

Answer: Each PV inverter output end needs a separate circuit breaker. After the confluence, it needs to add a surge protector and the fuse for use together. The outgoing line has a clear disconnection point switch. Please pay attention to the recent Growatt push article, which will be explained in detail.

  1. Question: For example, 20 260W components are connected now. That is 5.2KW. But its peak DC power in summer is only 4200W, can I choose GW4200-NS photovoltaic inverter?

Answer: GW4200-NS can be selected, which is why we need to choose the best ratio – to avoid waste.

  1. Question: What kind of PV inverter should be selected for the combination of 265W conventional module and 285W double-glass module?

Answer: Select the model of 2-way MPPT, put the same component in the same MPPT, and select the model according to the total power

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