FAQ (402/405/408/409/411)

The inverter reports “The output DC component is too high (Error 402)”


    Normally, the inverter’s voltage and current output waveforms are in pure AC form. If the AC waveform is doped with DC waveforms due to device fault, the inverter will report the fault.


    You can set parameters through the inverter debugging tool software Shinebus to adjust the condition of the DC component; if it still does not work, you need to consider replacing the inverter.

The inverter reports “Relay fault (Error 405)”


    The relay fault reported by the inverter is divided into hardware fault and software fault. If the fault is reported after the inverter is connected to AC and DC power, it is generally a hardware problem. If the relay is reported by the inverter after the inverter counts down three times, it is usually a parameter or grid problem, which needs to be dealt with according to the actual situation.


    If the fault is reported when the power is turned on, it can only be handled by changing the machine. If it is reported after self-inspection 3, you can contact our after-sales staff for communication and processing.

The inverter reports “The temperature is too high (Error 408)”


    If the temperature reported by the inverter is too high, it is necessary to check whether the installation location of the inverter is ventilated and whether the fan is rotating normally. If it is not caused by the external factors, please contact our after-sales service, check the log of the inverter, and find the reasons of the high temperature.


    For external reasons, make appropriate rectifications. If it is an internal reason, please follow the guidelines of our after-sales engineers.

The inverter reports “abnormal bus voltage (Error 409)”


    This fault means that the bus capacitor voltage inside the inverter is abnormal, and the positive and negative deviations are too high. When this problem occurs, you need to check whether the string voltage is too high and whether the string is grounded.


    First check whether there is a problem with the wiring, if it caused by the wiring, please rectify and restart the divice. If the wiring is normal and the device still reports the fault, please contact our after-sales staff.

The inverter reports “Internal communication fault (Error 411)”


    When this fault occurs, it is necessary to check whether it is a new device fault or a fault reported after using for a period of time; general new device faults may be caused by vibration of the machine during transportation, resulting in the looseness of the control board inside the inverter. If it has been used for a period of time, it is possible that the firmware of the control board is missing.


    For the new device, you can ask a technician to disassemble the machine and check the PCB board inside the inverter to see if there is any abnormality such as looseness. If the fault occured during the using, please contact our after-sales staff.

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