Comprehensively analyze the classification and installation of three-phase Growatt Inverters

In the era of photovoltaic energy storage, Growatt Inverters have become indispensable. Due to different requirements, the suitable inverter types are different. Different types of inverters can also be divided into many different subdivisions. Take the three-phase inverter for example, do you know its classification and installation details?

What is three-phase inverter

In short, the power supply of high-power Growatt Inverters is usually used in the military, family and communication fields. It is also a system that can ensure uninterrupted power supply between factories and enterprises. This kind of inverter is mainly composed of power electronic devices, turn-off thyristor and transistor, which is fundamental to ensure the efficiency of Growatt Inverters.

Characteristics of three-phase Growatt Inverters

This type of inverter is controlled by using CPU, and the output of sine wave is realized by high-quality intelligent output. At the same time, the design method of intelligent switch is also adopted, which can present a high anti-interference protection effect, and also ensure that automatic charging can be realized under the normal condition of R phase. Moreover, even in the case of lack of one phase or multi-phase of mains power, the inverter can still work normally in battery mode.

Classification and installation

Three-phase inverter can be divided into three input and three output or single input and three output. The performance advantages of these two different types of inverters are different. The three-in-three-out voltage stabilizing function is strong, while the single-in-three-out voltage boosting function is strong. Pay attention to the safety during the installation of such inverters, especially to avoid the problem that the connecting line is too small, otherwise it is easy to cause fire. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that all line connections can be wired with sufficient diameter, otherwise there will be serious life threats. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery during the installation process. In addition, pay attention to avoid using unqualified wires for connecting lines, otherwise it will not only cause damage to the inverter, but also increase the occurrence of fire.

Application scope of inverter

This type of inverter has a wide range of applications, and can be used in household appliances, air conditioning equipment and industrial equipment. However, it should be noted that this type of inverter cannot be used in high-precision electronic equipment. It must be confirmed by professional technicians before it can be started.

The classification and installation of three-phase inverters are briefly introduced here. In addition, we should also remind you to pay attention to brand selection when selecting such inverters. The quality, reliability and stability of Growatt Inverters in the same industry are guaranteed. Therefore, the selection of inverters of this type of brand is fundamental to ensure the life and use safety of inverters.

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